• Image of Benjamin Finger - Amorosa Sensitiva LP (Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records)

The 'soundtrack' description gets bandied around a lot these days. It may be an easy catch-all for the ambient/experimental works that are being constantly released, but I think it's a little unfair for some releases. Benjamin's latest release on Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records explores all manner of 'soundtrack' ideas, but rather than lull the listener to a state of unconsciousness (as many of these soundtrack releases seem to do to me anyway), Amorosa does exactly the opposite by composing these ideas into real auditory imagery. The sounds created here would have you running from the bad guys in occupied France, would find you in Blade Runner (or almost any of Stanley Kubrick films for that matter), or in a Coen Brother murder mystery heist.

Listening to these tracks in isolation will not allow listener to immerse themselves into the release. It will succeed in the opposite. One must rail against the MP3 world we live, one must sit down and listen to this from start to finish, flipping the record over about half way through. This is music for noir. It's an album that needs this proper immersion. It needs your attention. And it's surprisingly good.

"Benjamin Finger creates intricate multi-dimensional worlds from the intimate crawl spaces of electronica and jazz in his latest work, Amorosa Sensitiva. Amorosa Sensitiva, is not something that will fly past you at night without making the slightest if impression. It’s an album that will irrevocably affect you on multiple levels." - The Formant


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