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  • Satánicos Marihuanos - $12.00
  • KNEI - Juventud de la gran ciudad - $12.00
  • IAH - $12.00
  • Terminal Lovers - $11.00
  • Trupa Trupa - $11.00
  • Moths and Locusts - Helios Rising - $11.00
  • Moths and Locusts - Mission Collapse In The Twin Sun Megaverse - $11.00
  • South America - It's Part Of The Problem - $12.00
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Satánicos Marihuanos - 1
KNEI - Juventud de la gran ciudad
Trupa Trupa - Headache
Terminal Lovers - Flight Out
Moths and Locusts - Helios Rising
Moths and Locusts - Mission Collapse In The Twin Sun Megaverse
South America - It's Part of the Problem compilation


Satánicos Marihuanos - 1

Satánicos Marihuanos debut album is a very dark slice of Instrumental Doom/Stoner Rock. Hailing from Peru, Satánicos Marihuanos take influence from Karma To Burn but with a more doomier outlook within the riffs department. The album has a few rough moments here and there but other than that, Satánicos Marihuanos album is full of heavy grooves that should appeal to the more adventurous Doom/Stoner Metal fan.' - Outlaws of the Sun

Satánicos Marihuanos I by Satánicos Marihuanos

KNEI - Juventud de la gran ciudad

'What you get here is 70’s inspired classic rock that incorporates a well balance of psychedelic, blues and jazz-like touches.' - Taste Nation LLC. 'They could be pigeonholed in the genre of heavy psychedelic rock, with notorious rock influences of the seventy of extensive themes and walls of sound that generate an intense sensation of vertigo.' - Muki Records

KNEI - Juventud de la gran ciudad [NR-015] by Necio Records


'Six tracks of instrumental bliss that the band has tagged as a combination of ambient/post-rock/stoner/metal siphoned through an experimental filter.' - Taste Nation LLC


Trupa Trupa - Headache

'It's always clever, often beautiful, and at times very angry guitar music that defies definition. Like Grizzly Bear's triumphant masterpiece, 2006's Yellow House, it's a song-driven collection (in English) that ably coaxes boundless sonics from standard instrumentation, and seems to once more redraw the boundaries of humble and dying (in fact at this point it's on life support) indie rock & roll. Razor-edged no wave rumblings, anguished Bad Seed shanties, sopping wet blue-eyed soul ballads - Trupa Trupa touch on it all. It's their third full length offering, but this one sees the band successfully balance all their vast array of influences and abilities for the first time. The result is their first moment of true greatness.' - Quietus

Headache by TRUPA TRUPA

Terminal Lovers - Flight Out

Latest TL album coming July from Biological Records. Expect psyche-rock glory. All CD copies are signed by Dave Cintron. 'Terminal Lovers have been belting out their burly, punk-fueled psych rock over the past decade, and have developed a cult following among fans of both contempo experimental rock and the more aggro corners of the stoner/noise/doom scene. The ragtag psychedelia that these guys crank out is their own warped version of brain-bombed rock... heavy at times and constantly weird...' - Crucial Blast

Flight Out by Terminal Lovers

Moths and Locusts

Helios Rising

'From the propulsive frenzy of opener Our Dear Leader to the lush, beauteous closing title track, not a single second of Helios Rising is wasted. This towering album is at once heavy and huge, haunted and tense, but undeniably elegant and cathartic. As a ‘space rock’ release, whether vintage or contemporary it compares with the finest ever releases of the genre, serving to place Canada firmly on the map in this sonic sphere.'

Helios Rising by Moths & Locusts

Mission Collapse In The Twin Sun Megaverse

'Presenting super-heavy, riff-driven wig-outs, lush psych-folk, hypnotic instrumental explorations and reflective, dreamy interludes, Mission Collapse… is an impeccably crafted, neo-psychedelic masterpiece in the free-roaming spirit of such as Wooden Shjips or Animal Collective, yet draws on a vast array of influences way beyond the obvious.'

Mission Collapse In The Twin Sun Megaverse by Moths & Locusts

South America - It's Part of the Problem compilation.
25 songs on double CD from bands across Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

South America is Part of the Problem by Stereo Neg Records