Image of Terminal Lovers - Flight Out CD (Biological Records)

Terminal Lovers - Flight Out CD (Biological Records)


Latest TL album coming July from Biological Records. Expect psyche-rock glory. All CD copies are signed by Dave Cintron.

"Terminal Lovers have been belting out their burly, punk-fueled psych rock over the past decade, and have developed a cult following among fans of both contempo experimental rock and the more aggro corners of the stoner/noise/doom scene. The ragtag psychedelia that these guys crank out is their own warped version of brain-bombed rock... heavy at times and constantly weird..."
- Crucial Blast

You can listen here:

The brand new album from Terminal Lovers, 'Flight Out'. Needless to say, I was incredibly excited. I am an utter gusher for Terminal Lovers, have been for many years ever since the day I heard Darkest Hour (on Pandora, of all things).

'Lacuna' opens Flight Out with a slow-burn nod towards heavy psyche of the 60s. Track 2, 'Gone', ramps up the riffage for a toe-tapping 70s influenced glam stomper. 'Hot Nights' is a dark and evil number from the slums, employing some nice metal guitar tone and bad attitude. Following on is a slow jam for the summer, acoustic guitars accompanying the big rock-out chorus and solos of 'The Sea'. 'The Lamp' is a heavily reworked version off 'This One May Be The Lamp', which was never released as an official track. It sets the tone as a nice, laid back precursor to the epic stoned raga monster of 'Meaning Over'. 'Bloodstone Eyes' follows on seamlessly as a giant outro of pure smiling rock goodness.

As with all Terminal Lovers releases, there's 'total rock' guitar solos throughout, big groove and a locked-in rhythm section. Cintron's vocals are a bit more affected than previous releases and sit back in the mix, but the overall sound is a little cleaner than 'Eyes Burn Clean'. It actually sounds like a great blend of the rock-out first LP 'Drama Pit and Loan' and the much-more psychedelic orientated 'Eyes Burn Clean' LP.