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blue sixteen
(Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records)

'When we discovered Stillsuit they were a frenetic 2-minute blasts-of-treble punk trio from Oakland, California. They still are! So we said: instead of doing a 2-minute song, do a really long one, like a prog song. And they did it!. Map 71 feature drummer/noisemaker Andy Pyne of Kellar (blue six) and poet and artist Lisa Jayne. They come from Brighton, UK, and make a genuinely confrontational, mind-expanding noise between the two of them. These edited improvisations - stream-of-consciousness drums, instant poetry, intuitive electronics - are the definition of punk, Blue Tapes-style.' - Blue Tapes

Listen here: blue sixteen by Stillsuit/Map 71


(Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records)

'The kosmische disco jam that opens the tape is almost a red herring, as most of the tracks here are freeform rambles in texture, gaseous pulse and wispy half-song spectres. The most substantial moments involve the reworking of Tashi Dorji's solo guitar improvisations, as they get expanded into various echo-laden astral zones and augmented with percussive elements. Along with being a lot of fun, this is messy, border-melting stuff.' - The Wire

Listen here: vol. 1 by The Blue Tapes House Band


blue three and blue two compilation
(Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records)

'Cherry (aka Teruyuki Kurihara of Tokyo) combined delicate guitar instrumentals with pulsating, metronomic not-quite-techno on his original three-tape set. The result was an emotive kind of minimal pop that prefigured future releases in the Blue Tapes series from the likes of Laurent Chambert and Henry Plotnick. Leedian’s (aka Hitoshi Asaumi of Toon) release was constantly-shapeshifting music that contained elements of jazz and glitch but didn’t really sound like anything. It could sound phantasmal or brutal, playful or petulant.' - Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records

Listen here: blue three and blue two by Cherry/Leedian


Black Harmony
(Bookmaker Records)

'Coming from a period in both our lives where failed marriages, affairs, drug and alcohol abuse and a fatalistic dose of existential dread were leading us into something of a madman's revelry. The lyrics weave these personal moments in through various fantastic narratives about star-crossed soldiers finding perfection in the desert, Prohibition-era murder and espionage, crime scene investigations in pastoral meadows, and finding soft comfort in the hallucinatory madness of Nebraska. Themes of being lost, betrayal, murder and madness are given candy-coated arrangements of Americana and atmospheric electronics. A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down, as they say.' - Isaac Edwards (Odawas)

Listen here: ODAWAS - Black Harmony by Odawas


Subtle Body
(Black Horizons)

'Fans of the lush and elegant choral drone of the first will not be disappointed, but always refining of course, this release sees a more cultivated and varied sound.' - Black Horizons
'...a truly magnificent drone that has endless depth...he enlisted 4 trombonists for this one, going for the gold and achieving it.' - Antigravity Bunny

Listen here: Subtle Body by Sunken Cathedral


(Black Horizons)

Distel’s brand of stalking, cold electronic environments works well on the cassette format...hovering atmospheres and clicky, altered beats. Percussion fills these songs out in a broad way that is often ignored in electronic genres, swooping through lower frequencies while also utilizing scratchy samples to bring a full, expressive range. There are nods to coldwave, darkwave, industrial, minimal synth...yet Distel drinks from every cup without committing wholly.' - Black Metal and Brews

Listen here: puur by distel


(Black Horizons)

'In a black metal world getting progressively watered down, these two acts stand boldly on their own, creative yet unrelenting as anything, and only for the truly enlightened enthusiasts of extreme sound.' - Black Horizons

Listen here: Jute Gyte / Ecferus Split by Ecferus


Power to the Sheeple
(Black Horizons)

'Deranged industrial darkwave coming out of Switzerland with Dave Phillips of Schimpfluch-Gruppe paired with a female vocalist for eight cold tracks. Nathalie Dreier and dp bring a production value that sets this apart from others, it's weird to put it lightly.' - Black Horizons

Listen here:
power to the sheeple by perverts in white shirts


Postage for tapes is convoluted in Australia due to the width of common plastic cases. If you need the plastic cases, 1-6 tapes can be posted for $8. If you don’t need the cases and/or you’re buying Blue Tapes cassette releases, 1-2 tapes can be posted for $3.

1-2 tapes without cases to ROW will be $9. If you need the case, Parcel Post rates will apply. I will quote you.